Catalina Langborn is the special guest of Paradiso Musicale for the concert taking place at Les Musicales de Baabdath. A very active baroque violinist, Catalina graduated with a Master Degree in baroque violin at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and she has received a number of scholarships from, amongst others, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Vadstena Academy Friend’s Scholarship as well as Irma Bartholdsson’s Fund.

Catalina freelances regularly as concertmaster, orchestral musician and chamber musician together with many prestigious Swedish baroque orchestras and ensembles, such as: Drottningholms Barockensemble, Rebaroque, Göteborg Baroque, The Theatre Orchestra of Drottningholm, Vadstena Academy Orchestra, etc. Festivals that Catalina has performed at include: Early Music Festival in Stockholm, Rhein Vokal in Bingen, Germany, Händelfestival in Berlin as well as Festival di Musica Antica del Mediterraneo and Barocco Festival Leonardo Leo in southern Italy.

Together with the baroque soprano Christina Larsson Malmberg, Catalina has founded the non-profit association Operabyrån, with which she has produced, managed and performed, as chamber musician and as soloist, an acclaimed series of opera-productions in which baroque music is combined to the commission of new music and the composition of new librettos. The main focus of Operabyrån is on reevaluating the role of almost-forgotten female composers in the baroque period. The operas have been performed in prestigious venues in Sweden, as well as in Copenhagen and at the International Art Music Festival in Berlin. Operabyrån has just started a long-time cooperation with Stockholm Concert Hall, for which several performances have been planned. The newest production of Operabyrån will focus on music by 17th century Italian nuns, and will include, among other eminent musicians from the Swedish baroque scene, also Anna Paradiso at the harpsichord  and Jonas Nordberg at the lute and theorbo.

Besides her passion for classical music, Catalina has also developed a great interest in writing and performing Swedish folk music.

Catalina is performing at Les Musicales de Baabdath on October 27. Check the program here.